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will be moving blog to supersida.blogspot.com. I am currently customising that blog, once I have done that I will delete this one.

Yes, I am the 30th percentile chick.

The Umat results are out, and my score for section 3 was in the 30th percentile. I only achieved higher than or above 30% of the people who sat the test in that section. That section was 'non-verbal reasoning', basically with the funny shapes and IQ-type questions. On the other hand I got in the 98th percentile in the other section that tested 'empathy'.

Why did I sit the Umat? Well my mum read in the chinese newspaper that there was prejudice in the medical school admissions against asians and she said "what if you don't get into med? why not try for dentistry?" She prefers me to do dentistry because there is no call-outs, 9-5 job, and your patients rarely die. She kept going on about it that I sat the Umat to shut her up. I didn't prepare for it at all, hence why the low acores.

I did my senior first aid course yesterday and the day before. It was very interesting to hear things from a paramedic's perspective, especially since I usually work in the emergency departments in hospitals, after the paramedics stage. Being a health care professional myself, I couldn't help but pick faults with some of the things the instructor says. I had to bite my tongue to keep my mouth shut... but when he said "your pelvis is your hip bone" it almost became too much to bear. Technical and scientific accuracy wasn't important in a first-aider I suppose, much of the people present were working in non-health related areas. 

I was struck how the legal liabilities crap still applied to you as a first-aider. "Unless the patient is unconscious or is choking and can't speak, don't touch them until you obtain consent". The instructor told how, in order to inject drugs into a patient, he tried to gain access to her veins only to fail at many sites on both arms. He finally gained access to a large vein in the upper arm, and the drugs he gave her saved her life. Because of the venepuncture, however, she had some bruises on her arms. Apparently, her friend told her "they shouldn't be able to do that to you" and she decided to sue the ambulance service. The case never made it to court, so I still have some faith in our justice system, but it is striking how we are living in an age where the helper often is in the power of the 'helpee'.

This reminds me of a story where a parent of a mentally ill child was in hospital, and the child asked his teacher to pray with him. The first thing the teacher remembered was that he was in a public school and religious influence was probably out of conduct, so he turned the child down. Later, the teacher thought "what sort of world is it, when a teacher can not pray with a young child for his father". So, they prayed together all the time.

Stories like this saddens me, because there is nothing I can do about it. Rules are there for a reason, and it is always safest to go by the rules. I just hope that legal rules do not replace our own moral rules.

Got this from the Oxford Book of Comic Verse. It cracks me up. 

The Purple Cow

I never saw a Purple Cow,

I never hope to see one;

But I can tell you, anyhow,

I’d rather see than be one.



Cinq Ans Apres

Ah, yes! I wrote the ‘Purple Cow’ –

I’m Sorry, now, I Wrote it!

But I can Tell you, Anyhow,

I’ll Kill you if you Quote it!


                             -Gelett Burgess

Ok, it's all over

I am not going to say anything about what was on it, because that would be unfair for all those people who came before me or who did it at the same time as me. When the interviews are over I will put up a description.

I think that I didn't 'sell' myself very much as an individual - I was too brain-dead for that. Some of my personal ideas were not expressed and the answers that I gave to the questions were rather basic and I didn't expand enough on them.

On the other hand, I handled the questions in a calm and confident manner and I don't think I did too badly in the other extreme either. I think I did around average. I just hope that my above-average mark in Gamsat will get me through. Watch this space.

ok I know I panicked yesterday but I am doing it even worse today. Within the space of one hour or so I ate a whole packet of sea-weed flavoured rice crackers which now makes me feel very ill.

The more I think about it, the more I think I am not ready. What are my thoughts on deforestation? What do I say when they ask me what volunteer work I have done? (What small amount of volunteer work I have done in the past has been so insignificant as to be unworthy of mention). What about leadership? It's been a long time since I last took on a leadership role, and since I am in my 'training' year as a radiographer I have been doing more following than leading. Bugger bugger and bugger.

It is 2.30pm. I have promised mum that I will get started on the dinner at 5pm. I have 2.5 hours. How shall I spend this time? Shall I read up on deforestation, come up with some good views on globalisation, or shall I relax and do something to lighten myself up, like put on a comedy DVD? Perhaps, since I am the only one at home, I should put on one of my parents' old Chinese pop Karaoke DVD's on and shout it all out?

Bugger. I can't stand to read any more interview material yet I can't bring myself to do anything else but mope. 

I will do more reading, pray some more, then I will put on a movie. I will save the karaoke for tomorrow afternoon - by then, it wouldn't matter if I loose my voice.

My UQ interview is on Wednesday. 2 days away if you count today. And me, being pessimistic, don't count today. So it's one day away.

Just like everything else that I do, I have conflicting thoughts about it. I'm sure I will done fine. Just some questions, right? Just answer them frankly and honestly. I do believe I am well suited to be a doctor and I'm sure that if I am honest in the interview that will be apparent. Then, there is the other side of me, who says: What if they ask you about Globilisation? You still don't know which stance you should take on that. What if they ask you about reconciliation or another issue you have no opinion about? What if they argue back? What if you can't think of a word? What if you THINK you are well suited to medicine but THEY DON"T? What if you THINK you are well suited to medicine, but you ACTUALLY ARNT...

Apart from looking at notes etc, the only other thing I can do is insistantly pray. I pray for confidence and for wisdom and also for the self-control to stop that 'nervous laughter' that is so telling but which I do so well. Lord, help me. Amen

I think I did say that I will put a photo of me in crazy glow-specs. I do look like a dork. The red tube next to my face is the glow-specs of my friend, who I cut out of the picture because she also looks dorky and who I thought may not appreciate me posting her picture for all to see.

It's me again. I'm posting because I'm bored.

What have I been doing lately? Worrying about the interview (can't help it, it's in my nature), praying about the interview... subtly trying to convert my friend to Christianity (if subtlety is possible with these things... ). I am going to watch the fireworks on the river on Saturday (in Brisbane every year we have half an hour of fireworks for no good reason... it's called River Fest, although we all know that other cities also have rivers and we don't hear them blabbing about it). 

I bought 30 glow bracelets for me and my friend to wear, as well as 'glow spectacles'. muahaha, we are going to look like such DORKS. And we are watching a movie after... 

Watch this space. Perhaps I will insert a picture of me wearing 15 glow bracelets and 'glow spectacles'. There is only one thing that beats looking like a dork in front of the whole city, and that is to look like a dork in front of the whole internet.

I havn't updated in a while. I have had the worst week. start at 7am, finish at 3pm, the whole day feeling like your head is in a cloud. Making silly mistakes, etc. I'm just glad i've passed this week without doing anything so as to get me into major trouble.

Went to Des's medicine interview preparation workshop. I was the first person to be the 'interviewee'... was horrible. Kept starting my sentences with a long 'weell...' Got told not to do that. Kept asking for the question to be repeated.

Got mildly annoyed at a patient. Well not at this patient but people in general. I was doing a small bowel barium series on this patient (examining the small bowel under x-ray), and I asked her what sort of problems she'd been experiencing. Her referring doctor did not provide any details, after all.

She looked at me in great surprise and annoyance and said "don't you have my doctor's phone number? Why can't you ask him? He knows what I've got and why he requested this." 

me: "Yes, but I would like to hear from you first what you have been experiencing. Perhaps I wouldn't need to call him."

her (with great annoyance) "I have this burning, you know? and it goes down my back. "

Mid way through the examination she informed me that she has recently had a colonoscopy and endoscopy, with polyps removed during the colonoscopy.  

At the end of the examination, we have the radiologist come in and screen the last section of the bowel. As soon as Dr S. entered the room, she acted entirely differently. All smiles, and everything comes out. The burning sensation, colonoscopy and endoscopy, the polyps, and (something she didn't find necessary to tell me) CT scans of her abdomen that showed a dilated gall bladder and biliary system. Really, the Dr didn't say much to her that I couldn't have told her myself.

This sort of thing is quite common, not just with patients, but with health professionals too. Want something from the wards? A request from a Dr to "please ensure the patient is at the department at 11, and check his allergies beforehand" is much more effective than the same request from a radiographer. 

It is something that bugs me. But I guess that is how the cookies crumble, and I will just deal with it. sigh.

I know that I shouldn't be complaining about my work hours. Many people have it worse than me. Many people have to take their work home. I have it better than a lot of people. But I still am going to complain because I am bored.

This week I'm on the 'Theatre' shift. Start at 12, finish at 8pm. This is the first time that I have done any shift that finished later than 5.30. I'm finding that I get bored in the mornings, before I need to go to work (like right now). I'm like, sitting here, freezing cold, wondering what to do.

Of course, I could think about the medicine interview and how I am going to tackle some of those questions. Especially the one about leadership. But for some reason I find myself compelled to sit in front of the computer, and complain about it.

Staying at work until 8pm, most of the work is from emergency departments and ICU. It's so quiet after 5pm. The funniest thing is my mum. I bring lots of sustainence to work and I also eat dinner there, but my mum seems to think that any dinner that is not eaten in her presence is not dinner. So when I get home, around 8.30, she heats up all these left-overs, saying: "you must be starving!". Ahhh, asian mums.

I got told by the mother of a 3yo yesterday that I have a 'touch' with children. Was very touched. No pun intended.

That was probably the boringest entry ever. I am going to go and think about how to convince the Med school interviewers I have leadership skills when I havn't had any leadership experience.

Current Mood: okayokay

i sounded really negative on my last post. I don't mean it. I will be fine, I am fine. I have my brother, my friends, my ambitions, and I have got God.

On an entirely different topic, I have recently realised the negative aspects of loosing weight. I have recently lost a little bit of weight, not a great deal, but enough to change me from a size 10 to size 8. What used to be funky comfortable pants have turned into ones that fall off little by little as I walk, such that I have to pull them up every second step that I take. My *very many* flattering denim jackets are no longer flattering. It's really quite annoying, especially since my weight loss was entirely unforseen for me.

I went out to have coffee with my friends last night, got home at midnight. I didn't say much about my parents but it still made me feel better, just joking and laughing about trivial things.

Current Mood: blahblah
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